December 2020 Christmas Special Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Commercial Jargon Busters
  • Online Shopping
  • Online Courts: Is this the future?
  • Mergers Explained
  • Demographic Change: Population Ageing
  • How has Covid changed the world in the long term?
  • VF acquires streetwear brand ‘Supreme’
  • What does the historic new RCEP trade deal mean for the world?
  • The COVID-19 unemployment crisis in a nutshell
  • Google and its strategy towards banking
  • The Rapid Growth of the Electric Vehicle Market
  • Semiconductor Takeovers; The New Powerhouse of M&A in a post pandemic world?
  • Meet the Student Ambassador team
  • Professional Ambassadors, Founder
  • Application of Commercial Awareness, successful answers
  • What are money mules?
  • Top Tips for Securing a Training Contract
  • Non-Event, Event?
  • The Power of Branding: For Entrepreneurs
  • BeComAware 2021 Calendar
  • BeComAware Student Ambassador of The Month Award

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