What is Becomaware?

BeComAware is a comprehensive hub and educational platform for bitesize commercial information. We teach the commercial language, enhance student understanding of the business world and share commercial insights. All content on our platform is reviewed & approved by professionals.

We Teach Commercial Awareness and aim to equip students with the fundamental commercial awareness toolkit.

What is commercial awareness

Commercial Awareness is about understanding the commercial language, knowing how the business world operates, an awareness of trends affecting it and having the ability to consider what those implications are.

Why is it important?

  • It is an increasingly demanded skill recruiters are actively seeking for in applicants.
  • Understanding the business world can assist students in making core career choices and decisions.
  • It increases employment prospects by the ability to showcase the skill at all stages of recruitment process.
  • It provides enhanced performance in employment, by the ability to consider stakeholder perspectives and understand how trends may affect the business and industry.

Founder of BeComAware

Sibel’s Story

Sibel Vurdu is the Founder of BeComAware.

Sibel is a Commercial Real Estate Lawyer. As a Trainee Solicitor she completed seats in Commercial Real Estate, Employment Law and Litigation. Prior to law, Sibel worked at an International FinTech company for five years where she gained exposure to various areas of the business. She held roles in Transaction Monitoring and Compliance, Client Services, Internal Process Improvement and Project Management.

After attending multiple commercial awareness workshops as a student, Sibel found the focus was solely based on ‘how’ to develop the skill. She found students were advised to read the FT, listen to business podcasts and to follow current affairs. This is far too often a seemingly pointless activity, as many students struggle to understand the commercial language and lack an understanding of the business world.

This results in students merely regurgitating commercial facts without fully understanding the nature of the commercial event. Subsequently many students are unable to begin thinking about the wider implications of the commercial information to effectively demonstrate commercial understanding. After speaking with students struggling to develop the skill, Sibel founded BeComAware to address this problem.

Sibel tells us:

“Awareness of commercial facts, such as the latest company to enter into administration is useless if students have not fully grasped what this means.

What is administration? How does it differ from bankruptcy and insolvency? Why did the company enter into administration? Have the company adapted fast enough to various external pressures, such as technology, which is transforming markets today? Was it a result of poor financial management? Are competitors in the market surviving? What does this say about the industry the business is operating in? How does this affect stakeholders? Are there changes in consumer behaviours which may have contributed to the decline in product sales? What impact might this have on the type of work law firms are dealing with?

To be able to consider these questions, it is firstly necessary for students to understand commercial jargon and the wider business world. Otherwise, students run the risk of merely regurgitating commercial facts and when pressed for further information, students may find it difficult to elaborate further or formulate their own opinions. Here at BeComAware, we call this the Commercial Awareness Toolkit and that is the very focus of our platform”.

BeComAware helps students to develop this Commercial Awareness Toolkit.